Post By DuWayne | Posted On Tuesday, July 2010

What are the “Dirty Little Secrets” of the Hospitality Industry?

Until recently there really hasn’t been a system by which a person could educate themselves on the “ins and outs” of the Hospitality Industry including meeting planning and destination management. Most have learned the business more by trial and error than anything else but there is a wealth of knowlege in the combined wisdom of meeting planners and event coordinators. I used to have a sign that was on the wall behind my desk that said, “Forget my formal education! Ask for the list of the mistakes I’ve learned from!” In no industry is this statement any more true or telling than that of the Hospitality Industry!

Over the past couple of decades I’ve learned, more from mistakes than anything else, of the “best practices” in the meetings and events industry and have always wanted a forum by which to share those experiences and life lessons to those individuals that will follow in the future. This blog has been created for that exact purpose. I try to stay involved in the industry discussions by way of many listserv, google groups and associations and hope to share what I learn with anyone interested in my findings. As situations or items of interest arise I will be sharing them on this blog and hope that others will be encouraged to join the conversation. If there’s one thing that I have learned in my many years in this industry it’s that Silence Can Be Deadly! I hope to include topics and information from all parts of the industry including hotels, meeting and event planning, travel and destination management. Please feel free to comment or share this blog with anyone you feel might be interested!

Welcome to the Journey!!