Post By DuWayne | Posted On Friday, November 2010

Ok….it’s 4pm on a Friday and I received a call from a prospective client stating that they would like a proposal for:  1) an off-site dinner for 350 people and 2) guest tours (6 options for 25 people each).  So I think to myself….”How nice to receive this great opportunity so late in the afternoon on a Friday!….I’ll start working on it and get it to them by next week.”

Then came the dreaded…..”BUT”….

They are flying into San Antonio on Monday morning and would like to have the complete proposal (with estimated budgets) by this evening so they can review it on the plane!!  Exsqueeze me?

Did you just decide today that you wanted to hold a meeting and to book your flight into San Antonio?!!!


Ok…I’ll bite…  “Where is your meeting being held?”  I ask calmly…
“Oh…we aren’t sure yet” came the reply.

“What are the dates of the meeting?” I inquired….
“Oh…we haven’t set the exact dates yet” they replied.

The next thing that I wanted to scream into the phone was “And you call yourself a Meeting Planner?!”  but I bit my tongue and attempted to obtain a few more vague details but to no avail.  Always wanting to provide the best customer service that is possible I explained that I would require just a few more details before I could possibly send a proposal or even begin to make phone calls to suppliers around San Antonio.

The caller was absolutely appalled that I should ask for more information and stated that if I really knew what I was doing I would be able to provide them the information immediately.

I calmly replied “Good Luck and have a safe trip to San Antonio!”

I used to have a sign hanging behind my desk that said,
“Bad Planning On Your Part Does Not Necessarily Necessitate An Emergency On My Part!”

I need to dig it out and dust it off again I see!