Post By DuWayne | Posted On Wednesday, February 2011

We’re all seen these land on our desk…an RFP a.k.a. Request For Proposal.

To some it’s a moment filled with excited anticipation of the possibility of a new client or piece of business.  To others it’s a moment filled with dread and consternation knowing that they are about to venture down a path of endless questions, unrealistic expectations and lots and lots of work!  For those who offer cookie-cutter proposals with unimaginative offerings that they can spit out at a moments notice….I salute you!  There is a definitely place in the Universe for you and you should be proud that you’ve found your niche!  Some clients only expect the “same old, same old” and I’m glad that you’re there to provide that service and meet those expectations.  You make us look like Rock Stars!

To we (the Few, the Proud, the often Frustrated!) who absolutely love the creative process, customizing each proposal to the specifications of each group and exceeding our client’s expectations these all-too-often become a deadline-driven, stress-filled, hand-wringing, head-banging, laborious waste of time and energy.

I offer a few words of wisdom to those that send RFPs.  HELP US HELP YOU! (Sorry I didn’t mean to shout!)

When you request a proposal for services, please provide all of the necessary elements and “need-to-know” facts that will make your event a success!  You know your group better than anyone and know (or should know) what they like and dislike.  It would be helpful for you to provide that information!  When we receive and RFP we’re going to spend a lot of time, energy and resources to create an event/meeting that is creative, unique and specifically suited to your group.  It’s not something that we’ve done a gadzillion times before.  It’s specially and uniquely tailored to your needs.  This requires Time and Resources and both of those items are Value-Added propositions!  Please set realistic timelines (if you send the request today you ain’t gettin a response by tomorrow!) and provide the necessary information that we’ll need.  We’ll take it from there!

If you want “cookie-cutter” there are many companies that provide that service and they would be happy to provide you with menu-pricing.  Check off the boxes in an Excel spreadsheet and…..PRESTO….it’s yours! However, if you want something that is specifically created for your group, please allow us the time to let the creative juices flow, gather our resources, confirm availability and exceed your expectations!

You’ll be happy that you did!

(We’ll cover the “specifics” needed in next week’s post!   Stay tuned!)