Frequently ANSWERED Questions

You’ve asked, we’ve answered

Are any groups too small or too large for you to handle?

Absolutely not! We give the same attention to detail to any sized group and want each and every guest to feel welcome and excited to be in San Antonio.

Aren't DMCs more expensive than doing it myself?

Only if you work for free! When you consider all the time it takes to organize and manage an event you’ll usually find that working with a DMC is very cost-effective. We handle all the details and allow you to do your “real job” of planning the meeting. We are an extension of your team and work closely to make your job (and life) easier! We believe in transparency and having everything above-board when it comes to cost. This is why the costs on our proposals are “inclusive” of everything (taxes, fees, gratuities, etc.) Other companies typically quote a price and make you figure out what the final cost will be after adding in all the taxes, fees, gratuities, etc. We prefer to give you a cost that you can immediately add in when figuring your meeting or events budget and we will honor that cost if at all possible.

Why do you need to know my budget?

We understand that every company and organization is different when it comes to what they can or will spend on events. We don’t have to have an exact budgetary figure but at least let us know what budget range you would like to stay within and we will do our best to make sure that both you and your budget are stars! We want to save everyone a lot of time and energy by proposing things that will work within your budgetary guidelines and making sure there is a clear understanding of all costs. The one thing that no one every wants is to be surprised after everything is finished!