Team Building

or “Fun” Building

With a little creativity there is absolutely nothing that can’t be taught and experienced while having fun and getting to know each other a little better. It’s amazing what a little laughter can accomplish!

When building a strong team, it is important for each of the participants to learn about the other members of the team, their strengths, weaknesses and abilities, and to strategically capitalize on those to the team’s greatest advantage. The ability to do this while laughing with each other only enhances the experience
Let us know your groups demographics and any goals or expectations you may have and we will go to work to create a fun and memorable experience. We’ve all done the “ropes course thing”,  but we enjoy customizing our events to make them tailor-made specifically for each group. We pride ourselves in never having done the same thing twice because each of our groups are comprised of individuals that are distinctly special and we believe they deserve the extra effort.

Some of our most popular Team Building Events include the following:

  • “Digital” Scavenger Hunt of Downtown San Antonio
  • Texas Team Challenge
  • Pinata Building (a truly San Antonio event!)
  • Goofy Golf
  • The Amazing Chase
  • Playing With Your Food
  • Customization