Themed Decor & Events

No More Boring Meetings or Events!

We believe that every event, not matter how small or large, deserves to be memorable and it’s all in the details! It is our attention to detail that sets us apart. There is nothing worse than walking into another plain meeting room and sitting through another boring presentation while staring at four blank walls. With a little creativity and imagination any meeting or event can become something extraordinary that will raise the bar and create anticipation for your next event. How many lunches and dinners can you sit through with only a small mirror and votive candles in the center of the table?! Even the most simple centerpiece, lighting or linens can add excitement and impact to any event. Let our staff be creative working within your budget to give your event a little extra pizzazz!

We’ve all attended something called The XYZ (insert year) National Meeting or XYZ (insert year) Conference but doesn’t it sound much more exciting to attend The XYZ – “Grab The Bull By The Horns” National Meeting? If you’re planning a meeting or event why not spend a little extra time to develop a theme and reinforce it throughout the meeting with some fun decorations! From full blown stage productions to simple (but exciting) lighting, let us develop some interesting decorations for your meeting’s General Session or Awards Gala to drive home the theme of your meeting. You do want them to remember the meeting don’t you?